An estimated 30 million Non-Residential Indians (NRIs) spread across the world controls US$ 1.2 trillion in wealth. Further, the income of the NRI community has been estimated at over 25% of India’s GDP, making it impossible for any businesses to overlook the lure of this increasingly moneyed diaspora. As it is, the overseas Indian community in the US forms one of the most well-educated, accomplished, and affluent communities. With a strong affinity to India and Indian products, this sophisticated high-end market segment presents huge business opportunities for the Indian corporates looking for exploring the lucrative overseas market.

Indian Community in USA

  • Second largest Asian Group in the US with over 2.2 million of estimated population
  • One out of every 9 Indians residing in the US is a millionaire
  • Impressive growth of NRI population and their wealth in the US
  • Burgeoning investments by NRIs in India
  • Deep understanding and inclination for Indian markets
  • High penchant and preference for authentic Indian products
  • Weak rupee favouring more scope for marketability
  • Increased interest of NRIs to visit Indian tourist spots

Event Highlights

  • More than 8000 attendees from across the world.
  • Extensive media coverage on various outlets including print & digital Media coverage advertisement and other social media avenues to reach thousands more worldwide.
  • Trade show to showcase a wide variety of products and merchandise from the US, India, and Bangladesh.
  • Next Gen forum for the youth.
  • Seminars and workshop on literature and topics
  • Bengali films and drama and related discussion.s
  • Workshop Based on Indian Tradition.